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                The market wanted an alternative to the high-price and long lead-times for OEM replacement parts and Excel stepped in to fill the demand. Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, our offering of replacement parts for your P&H Electric Shovel has gained acceptance and earned the confidence of mining operations around the world. From specialized pin & bushing sets to entire undercarriage replacements, Excel is Your P&H Electric Shovel Replacement Parts SuperStore.
                Our entire company is passionately committed to providing you a higher level of service, support, and value using the original equipment manufacturer as a baseline, not a benchmark.
                1900AL • 2100BL/E • 2300MKII • 2300XP • 2300XPA • 2300XPB
                2800XP • 2800XPA • 2800XPB • 2800XPC • 4100A • 4100TS • 4100XPB • 4100XPC

                • Ideal For

                  -  all kinds of mines
                  - quarries
                  - construction projects

                • Main Benifit

                  - strong digging force
                  - flexible mobility
                  - fast speed
                  - driving comfort

                • Key Property

                  - bigger hopper capacity
                  - larger production volume
                  - better fule efficiency