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                ABOUT US

                Tianjin Luckcome Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is professional engaged in design, production, sales and service of mining equipments Manufacturing and components. Luckcome equipments include LCC series jaw crushers, LCG series single-cylinder cone crushers, LCH series multi-cylinders cone crushers and LCS series screens etc. Relying on the professional knowledge and honest operating principle, Luckcome has become a renamed supplier and service provider who can offer high quality products and services to mines, construction projects, steel plants and quarries. Our equipments can reduce cost for customers by replace the certain foreign brands equipments completely without any technological reform and engineering construction. Luckcome has an excellent team which is experienced, skilled and responsive in both technique and service area. We draft individual plan for each customer in field of technical consulting, system programming, installation, running adjustment, maintenance and operational training. Luckcome devotes fully in utilizing the advanced technique, supreme quality and scientific concept into customers actual working condition requirements. We aim to reduce customers total cost and increase their final profit. Weve always believed in that Luckcome is valued by the final result we delivered to customers. This is the reason why we kept promise strictly and never accepted concession in products and service. Luckcome provides the most pertinent soluction and service plan to customers which bring them actual sustainable development in business.
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